about us

  I was first introduced to the sports betting world back in the fall of 1993. I was watching Monday Night Football at a bar with some friends and there was talk of betting the game. I didn't really have a lot of money, but thought, "let's try it." So when I hit the Steelers and the Over that night I was hooked. I've had plenty of big wins and heartbreaking losses since that first Monday night "action." What I didn't have back then was discipline. Bet types and dollar amounts were always changing. I was doing it back then for the rush. Win or lose, I just loved having action on the games.

  It wasn't until the early 2000's that I realized, if done a certain way, I could do this to create a real stream of income. I started to research and gather as much information as I could for every game played every day. Trends, line moves, injuries, weather, public perception, recent results. You name it, I had some sort of information on it. I began to follow a strict Money Management System. I cut out parlays, teasers and reverses. Sure, they were great for the big hit, but  not as a way to consistently build your bankroll. I installed a unit system and only played on graded games. These new disciplines I had adopted were showing positive results. I was able to bring a couple of friends into the fold. We became like a small betting syndicate. Always following our strict, yet profitable system.

  Fast forward to today, and my oh my, how times have changed. Our little tiny syndicate has become Emerald Sports Information Group. With legal sports betting opening up all over the country, we decided to make our plays available to the public. The popularity of sports betting is through the roof. Now with futures bets, prop bets, and live in-game bets the landscape has totally changed. Get in on the action and let us help you build that bankroll. We wont begin to tell you that we will win every game, or 90% or 80% or even 70%. Anyone that says they win at these rates is 100% full of it. We will, however, win enough games for you to build your bankroll over each season you are with us. And you will always get full transparency with us. We love letting you know when we win. But we won't hide the facts when we lose. Our records are updated daily for you to see. Come be a part of the winning and join us!! We wont disappoint!!